Evelyn Burdecki surprises with this appearance

Juror Evelyn Burdecki should actually evaluate the “super talent” candidates. But this week the blonde put herself on stage with a very special talent.

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Week after week, Evelyn Burdecki inspires the fans of the show as a jury member for “Supertalent”. Above all, her slightly naive comments and her funny sayings are well received by the audience. The former Bachelor candidate also provides a lot of visual highlights with low necklines and short mini dresses.

In the jury of “Supertalent” Evelyn evaluates the candidates in every show alongside pop titan Dieter Bohlen and all-purpose weapon Bruce Darnell. But on Saturday Evelyn showed her own talents for the first time on the big “Supertalent” stage.

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Dance teacher and fitness trainer Rimma performs as a group “twerXout” with her friends Gabriela and Ansi. Juror Evelyn does not have to ask twice and wiggles spontaneously.

The twerking of the Hanoverian troop doesn’t really go down well with Bruce Darnell: “I’ve seen it better.” But at the rhythmic downside of his colleague Evelyn, Bruce is amazed: “Not bad!”

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Evelyn Burdecki faces Dieter Bohlen

But Evelyn not only shows her dancing skills in the show. The former “Let’s Dance” candidate admits that as a teenager she applied to “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. The blonde promptly seizes her chance and faces the “super talent” audience and juror Dieter Bohlen. Evelyn performs Mariah Carey’s song “Hero” on stage and earns praise from the pop titan: “You made it, many can’t.”

What an evening for the former “jungle queen” Evelyn Burdecki, who will definitely not forget it anytime soon.

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