“I have enough!” Alina Bauer lets Peter sit down?

“Bauer sucht Frau” candidate Alina is just frustrated. Will farmer Peter’s emotional coldness become too much for her in the next episode?

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At “Bauer sucht Frau” farmer Peter is currently spending very romantic days with his chosen one Alina on his farm in Viersen. Things seem to be going really well for the two of them: They laugh together and have in-depth conversations.

But one thing burdens Alina again and again: Peter is a rather emotionally cool guy and has difficulty expressing his feelings. She wants clarity from him.

In the current episode, the cool farmer gives everything and surprises his chosen one with a bouquet of sunflowers. Alina is beside herself with joy and is touched by the gesture.

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But this harmony is apparently nothing more than the calm before the storm. Because in the preview for the upcoming episode you can imagine an unpleasant situation …

“I have enough!”

Alina and Peter can be seen having a romantic picnic by the lake. During the conversation, Alina would like to know how the farmer feels about her. She asks, “Would you say it’s like having a crush?”

Peter’s answer is not the straightforward message that Alina would like. He replies: “Well, I really like you very much, I love you.”

Alina didn’t want to hear that. The 29-year-old hung her head and finally stood up in frustration. She turns her back on her date with the words: “Seriously, I’ve had enough.”

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How will things go on for Alina and Peter now? We are excited!

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