Jessica Paszka pregnant? She reacts to the rumors for the first time

The rumor mill around Jessica Paszka is simmering. Your fans think they know that the ex-Bachelorette is pregnant. Now she comments on the rumors for the first time.

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Jessica Paszka (30) fans have been speculating for weeks about a possible pregnancy of the ex-Bachelorette. She has been with Johannes Haller (32) for a few months. Attentive followers want to have discovered Jessica’s baby bump several times in pictures.

The speculation does not go past TV-Beauty, of course. Under each of her last pictures, followers assume she is pregnant and ask her to finally stand by it.

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So far, the 30-year-old has been silent about the rumors. But now she expresses herself for the first time in her story.

“I can decide for myself how I deal with things”

She posts her latest feed picture, under which there are again numerous rumors about a pregnancy. “OMG, you are pregnant! You can see it”, comments one fan. Another says: “I would say you are pregnant! I would be very happy for you.”

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Jessica comments on the rumors in her Instagram story with the words: “Speculation or not, I can decide for myself how I deal with things and I won’t let myself be convinced.” The beauty does not confirm the rumors, but neither does she deny them.

Either way, however, we think: Jessica is absolutely right! She alone can decide when to reveal what.

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