The best Harry Potter gifts: 14 magical gift ideas

Are you looking for gift ideas for a real Potterhead? No problem, we’ve found the best Harry Potter gifts.

Almost all of us have one of these friends who is totally crazy about everything to do with Harry Potter. So when your birthday or Christmas is coming up, nothing is better than a gift idea about Hogwarts and wizardry.

You are not an experienced Potterhead yourself or would like to give something very special?

Whether it’s a magical light switch, a cozy “Harry Potter” scarf with the Hogwarts crest or a stylish jute bag: Here are 12 magical “Harry Potter” gifts that are sure to make every fan ‘s heart beat faster!

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1. “Harry Potter” gift: this is how the light switch becomes magical!

Lumos / Nox light switch sticker
Price: 3 euros

“Lumos” – let there be light! Every “Harry Potter” fan knows this magic spell. And hold on tight, because these stickers can be used to pimp a normal light switch. Simply attach the Lumos and Nox stickers and bring magic home. A really ingenious “Harry Potter” gift!

The funny stickers for the light switch are available from Amazon. *

2. “Harry Potter” gift: Like a real Gryffindor

Hogwarts scarf with house crest
Price: 24.95 euros

When it’s really cold in winter, we don’t go out without a scarf. This Hogwarts scarf with the coat of arms of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw is simply perfect. Because it not only keeps you warm, but you also feel as if you are on your way to Hogwarts. A real must-have for every “Harry Potter” fan.

Here you can buy the Hogwarts scarves with coat of arms on Amazon:
> Gryffindor scarf *
> Ravenclaw scarf *
> Hufflepuff scarf *
> Slytherin scarf *

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3. “Harry Potter” gift for women: Magical jewelry

Hermione’s time turner
Price: 44 euros

You can’t travel through time with this piece of jewelery, but Hermione Granger’s time turner makes a great necklace for women – or men. The chain should not be missing as an addition to the costume at the theme party or cosplay.

You can buy Hermione’s Time Turner here on Amazon. *

4. “Harry Potter” gift: Hogwarts goes Lego

Lego Hogwarts Astronomy Tower
Price: 97 euros

Who said Lego was only for kids? No matter if you want to give a present to a young or adult Potterhead: This detailed astronomy tower from Hogwarts brings the magic home. In addition to the familiar rooms and magical functions, scenes from the books and films can be reenacted with the characters. The set includes Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Horace Slughorn, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Lavender Brown, Draco Malfoy and Hedwig.

Here you can order the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower made of Lego from Otto. *

5. “Harry Potter” gift: Perfectly styled with Hogwarts socks

Sock set with the Hogwarts house crest
Price: approx. 10 euros

They’re usually a dreaded Christmas present: socks. But not this one! Because the set contains four pairs with the coat of arms of the Hogwarts houses Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. An absolutely ingenious “Harry Potter” gift for every Potterhead.

You can order the sock set with the Hogwarts crest on Amazon. *

6. Harry Potter gift: wrongdoing committed!

Marauder’s Map
Price: 39 euros

“I solemnly swear I am a do-it-all” – and off you go with the marauder’s card. This product should not be missing in any collection, because the detailed map shows an exact picture of Hogwarts.

Here you can buy the Marauder’s Map on Amazon. *

7. “Harry Potter” gift: a real magic wand

Dumbledore’s wand
Price: 29 euros

Well okay, real magic isn’t possible with this wand. But at least it looks deceptively real and therefore belongs in every fan’s home. Thanks to the luminous tip, the magic wand, which is modeled on the Elder wand, can also be used for night light painting photos. Whether for the costume of a theme party, for role-playing games or simply as a decoration: Dumbledore’s former wand is the perfect “Harry Potter” gift!

Here you can buy Dumbledore’s wand from Otto. *

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8. “Harry Potter” gift: The Hogwarts Castle to build yourself

Hogwarts 3D puzzle
Price: 36 euros

Your own Hogwarts – that’s where the magic comes to your home! The lock can be recreated step by step with this 3D puzzle. Not only the perfect activity for the weekend, but also the best decoration for every would-be magician.

You can buy the Hogwarts 3D puzzle here on Amazon. *

9. “Harry Potter” gift: Scrabble with a difference

Harry Potter Scrabble
Price: 43 euros

Are you looking for a gift idea that not only stands around, but also really makes sense? For all fans who like mind games, this special edition of Scrabble is just the thing. Peppered with the vocabulary from Harry Potter and special magic words, this “Harry Potter” gift ensures magic in your own four walls.

Here you can order the “Harry Potter” scrabble from Otto. *

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10. “Harry Potter” gift: The practical gym bag

Drawstring bag “Deathly Hallows”
Price: 14.90 euros

They are practical and look good: gym bags! And this “Harry Potter” gift comes with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. Here is the new favorite backpack of every “Harry Potter” fan!

Here you can buy the “Harry Potter” gym bag directly from Amazon. *

11. “Harry Potter” gift: The new favorite sweater

Harry Potter sweatshirt
Price: approx. 10 euros

Warning, here comes the best sweater for “Harry Potter” fans. Cozy inside, stylish outside! When looking at the flash and the glasses, every lover of books and films knows what is meant. This gift idea is sure to be a hit with every Potterhead!

You can order the cool sweater directly on Amazon. *

12. “Harry Potter” gift: The mug for real wizards and witches

Harry Potter mug
Price: 8.99 euros

How could the morning coffee taste better than from a real “Harry Potter” cup? With this, the recipient will quickly forget the Muggles around them. A magical gift idea that you will enjoy for a long time.

Here you can buy the “Harry Potter” mug from Amazon. *

13. “Harry Potter” gift: Magical places from the films

Book of Harry Potter locations
Price: 39.99 euros

Stand at platform 9 3/4, explore the Hogwarts Great Hall and watch the Hogwarts Express rush past – an absolute dream for every “Harry Potter” fan. And so that this dream can come true, the best thing you can do is to give away this brilliant book! Because it contains all the information about the locations where the films were filmed and may even inspire you to visit them yourself.

You can buy the book about the “Harry Potter” locations directly from Amazon. *

14. “Harry Potter” gift: The complete films in one set

Harry Potter film set
Price: 24.99 euros

They shouldn’t be missing on any fan shelf: The collected films! So best give away this complete collector’s edition with all eight “Harry Potter” films. But watch out: you should of course find out beforehand whether the recipient doesn’t already have the films on DVD. If not, it’s the perfect Harry Potter gift.

You can order the DVD set from Amazon here. *

Not convinced yet? Then let the Potterhead decide for themselves and give away a digital Amazon voucher. *

We wish you a lot of fun with the gift!

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