8 brilliant gift ideas for wine lovers

You don’t indulge in anything else: We have selected eight gifts for you that are guaranteed to delight every wine lover – or you yourself.

Sometimes you can’t think of anything to give as a present. If the person you want to please likes to drink wine, then you don’t really need another idea. Wine always works. Because a bottle of wine becomes boring in the long run, you can also give gifts that are specifically aimed at wine lovers. We have eight ideas for after-shopping for you.

A wine glass holder for the bathtub

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in the bathtub after a long (or cold) day. It only gets better with a good book and / or a glass of wine. The wine glass holder with suction cup is the perfect solution for this (order here from Amazon) *. You can make this gift yourself so that you can take your wine glass into the bathtub and hang it up safely there.

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The XXL wine glass

It might look like an ordinary wine glass at first glance, but it definitely isn’t! A whopping 860 ml fit into this wine glass. That roughly corresponds to the entire contents of a normal wine bottle. Here you can order the XXL wine glass directly from Amazon. *

Save yourself the wine glasses

This bottle wine glass is a bit more comfortable to hold, but still has a lot of capacity. In principle, it is nothing more than a wine bottle with an integrated glass (order here from Amazon) *. The perfect gag gift for the girlfriend who just wants to drink “just a glass”.

More gifts for wine lovers in the video.

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Discreet for on the go

Of course, you can just take a hip flask with you on the go, but when you unpack it, you can be sure of everyone’s attention. If, on the other hand, you want to go for a walk with a friend and drink wine discreetly, these bracelets are an ideal solution. They are nothing more than bracelet-shaped hip flasks. You can unscrew the ball on the bracelet and then simply drink from the ring. Here you can order the wine bracelet directly from Amazon. *

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Against wine theft

Do you have a friend whose wine keeps mysteriously disappearing in her flat? Then she will definitely be happy about this combination lock. You can only open the bottle if you know the code. Here you can get a combination lock for bottles on Amazon! *

Glass and bottle holders for the next picnic

Anyone who likes to lie on the meadow in summer and enjoy their wine there knows the problem of finding a suitable surface on which to safely place the glasses. These pricks eliminate the problem: You just stick them into the ground and then you can put your wine glasses and the wine bottle in the openings. Order wine bottle and glass holders for the meadow here at Amazon! *

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A little joke on the side

Cozy socks are always kind of a gift. Especially when it has a funny saying on it. Here you can order the funny socks from Amazon. *

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Wine holder for the lazy

If you don’t feel like holding your wine glass, you can also buy a wine glass holder for your neck – or give it away. These neoprene holders (order here from Amazon) * are stretched around the glass and then simply hung around the neck.

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