Denise brings back an ex-candidate

Does peasant Denise’s heart beat for another man after all? First she kisses her chosen Sascha, then she brings an ex-candidate back to the farm.

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At the farmer’s wife, Denise, is currently up and down again! The “farmer seeks wife” candidate actually seemed to be overjoyed with her chosen one, Sascha.

After Denise sent the candidate Till Adam home, Denise and Sascha had romantic dates together, got closer physically in the pool and even kissed.

But obviously Denise’s heart is secretly beating for another man. And he’s not a stranger: It’s about the ex-candidate Nils, whom Denise actually sent home at the beginning.

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Now it looks like the farmer is bringing Nils back to her farm. What’s behind it?

Will Denise decide against Sascha?

In the credits of the episode of December 7th, Denise reveals: “I was still in contact with Nils the whole time. And so I was caught between two chairs, between two men the whole time.”

But now the 32-year-old has decided, she says. Against Sascha, from whom she felt a bit restricted because of his jealousy, and for the already retired Nils.

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What’s next for Denise, Nils and Sascha? We will probably only find out in the episode on December 14th – or at the latest when we meet again the week after.

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