That’s what Sonja & Daniel say about the new format

In the next year TV fans will experience a whole new jungle camp. The moderators Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich give their opinion on the show.

Video of Esther Pistorius

The jungle camp will look very different in 2021. Because of the ongoing corona pandemic, shooting the popular format “I’m a star – get me out of here!” moved from Australia to Germany.

In this country there is of course no “camp” as we know it, but a so-called “jungle show”. It is then not recorded in the wilderness, but very down to earth in a television studio.

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The moderators Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow are still there – and it’s a change for them too. In an interview with RTL, the two give their honest assessment of the new format.

Will there still be jungle exams?

The two explain that while they will miss Australia, they are looking forward to the new show. “If we were to just say, ‘The jungle is falling out’, I think many would be disappointed too,” said Daniel. “Because for many people it’s a ritual in January.”

The jungle moderators are already revealing the first details about the show: There will be many guests from previous seasons in the 15 episodes, some reviews of special moments and even disgust tests.

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From the prominent candidates of the show, a participant for the anniversary season 2022 should emerge at the end. The jungle show will start on RTL on January 15th – and we’re really excited!

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