That’s what their children think of it

Is model mom Heidi Klum embarrassing her four children? Not quite. But in the interview, Heidi reveals that they do not always support their revealing appearances.

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It’s no secret: Heidi Klum (47) prefers to be revealing. The model mom in particular regularly uses her Instagram profile to show herself topless, topless or “completely without”.

This tendency towards nudism was also discussed recently in Heidi’s interview with “People” magazine. She explained that as a model, she was used to dropping the covers.

Her origins also play a role, says Heidi: “I am definitely more open with my body and a sociable person. I come from Germany and don’t wear a lot of clothes.”

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“Mom, really?”

But what do Heidi’s four children actually say about mom’s open-hearted internet presence? According to the 47-year-old, Henry (15), Johan (14), Lou (11) and Leni (16) are not always 100 percent impressed.

“Sometimes they tap on me and say: ‘Mom, really?'” Heidi said in an interview. But that doesn’t limit her. You then simply say, “Yes, that’s really me.”

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The model has always stood by who and how she is. And that includes a revealing snapshot on Instagram every now and then. Beauty can always allow itself!

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