Is she saying goodbye forever now?

Singer Sarah Connor announced her new song this week – and it’s a farewell song. Does she finally stop with the music?

Video of Justin Amaral

Sarah Connor (40) shocked her fans with an Instagram post this week. In a short video clip, the singer can be seen masked in front of a snowy landscape. In the background she sings the words: “It’s over. Bye bye!”

The singer also writes about the post: “Dear ones, I have something to announce. I don’t want to reveal too much, just: On Friday my farewell song BYE BYE will be released for you.”

You read that right: a farewell song. Many fans are more than concerned about this announcement. Does Sarah actually say goodbye to the stage with this song? Or is the 40-year-old’s “bye bye” something completely different?

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“Are you stopping the music?”

In the comments on the post, fans and followers express their first guesses and discuss wildly about the singer’s possible departure. One user wrote: “Farewell song? Do you stop with the music or do you say goodbye to the stupid year?”

“Maybe a farewell to 2020, or a farewell to Corona?”, Suspects another fan. And another user is also sure: “As if she were withdrawing from music while she was recording an album and planning a tour.”

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So what do you think: is the singer leading us on the wrong track? Or is Sarah really saying goodbye this week?

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