She had this beauty procedure done

We know Sylvie Meis as perfectly styled and well trained. She works hard for her awesome body and flawless beauty. But now the presenter is finally revealing her beauty secret.

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Sylvie Meis is a successful businesswoman, presenter and model. The beautiful blonde now has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Sylvie regularly grants her fans exclusive insights into her business projects and also shares some private moments.

Sylvie’s latest coup: She is the new face of the “JuvĂ©derm” brand. The company produces facial fillers with hyaluronic acid. In the past it was speculated again and again whether the native Dutchwoman helped the beauty doc in matters of beauty. But so far the model has denied having helped with her flawless appearance.

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Until now! Because in an interview with RTL Sylvie finally reveals her beauty secret and admits that she regularly injects fillers with hyaluronic acid into her face: “I can remember that I lost volume five years ago and then my doctor said that I could we do a little face filler and then it will be gone and it was like that. “

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Sylvie continues to rely on naturalness

But despite the many opportunities that the beauty industry offers nowadays, Sylvie doesn’t want to have too many beauty interventions: “I firmly believe that you should look at yourself in the mirror and think: Yes, now I am the most beautiful version of myself. That should be the goal. Naturalness is always the goal. And the less, the better. “

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