So is candidate Ioannis today

Ioannis was kicked out by Melissa after a disastrous date on the final Bachelorette episode. On Instagram he now reveals how he is now.

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In “The Bachelorette” this season hardly any other candidate caused as much attention as Ioannis. Initially, the 30-year-old was long considered the favorite for the last rose. He and Melissa got close and seemed to get along well.

But in the semifinals, his dream date with her turned into an absolute disaster. Ioannis bothered the Bachelorette with numerous unpleasant questions. In addition, the rose candidate spoke about things from Melissa’s past that she confided to him away from the camera.

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A real no go for which the Bachelorette immediately drew the consequences. She sent Ioannis home and his heart seemed broken.

“I am very happy”

But how is the ex-candidate today? As part of a question and answer session on Instagram, a fan asked him if he was happy. Ioannis replies: “I am very happy. Thank you.” And he also answered the question about how he is doing with a “very good.”

That doesn’t sound like Ioannis still has to nibble on Melissa being expelled. On the contrary: a few days ago he wished the bachelorette all the best in a post and thanked her.

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“Of course, the biggest thanks goes to Melissa Damilia for her time, Kraft. It was an extreme roller coaster ride of the feelings that we lived through together. I wish her the best of luck and love on her further journey, because she deserves it!” he among other things.

How nice that there is no bad blood flowing between Melissa and Ioannis despite the disastrous exit!

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