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Slouchy bags are the biggest bag trend of the hour. We’ll tell you why the crumple-look bags are so ingenious plus where you can get hold of the most beautiful models.

Are you looking for a new accessory that will make your look look super cool right away? Then you should get yourself a slouchy bag now. They are currently in great demand among fashion-conscious women. Responsible for this is the Italian fashion label Bottega Veneta, which with the launch of its clutch “The Pouch” triggered a veritable hype about crumpled clutches and bags in general.

No wonder that numerous large fashion chains such as Zara, H&M, Mango and Co. have added up and now have similar handbags in their range. We’ll show you what makes the trend bags so special, how fashion professionals prefer to combine them and where you can get the most beautiful crumple models without having to spend a fortune.

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Slouchy Bags – the must-have bag of the hour

Slouchy bags are the absolute it bags of the season. The stores are full of them and almost every fashion professional already has at least one slouchy bag at home. But what are slouchy bags anyway and what makes them so popular?

Slouchy means something like sloppy. And exactly this word describes the trend pieces pretty precisely. Because the material of the bags is not smooth and firm, but soft and wrinkled. In principle, the bags look like a crumpled pillow or a paper bag that is easily crumpled up. The accessories look so super casual and cool, but at the same time they are made for elegant looks thanks to the soft (synthetic) leather.

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These are the most popular slouchy bags

We encounter slouchy bags in numerous designs. The most popular are the bags in the form of a clutch, i.e. a bag without a shoulder strap or handle. However, the Slouchy models are much more voluminous and therefore more spacious than a conventional clutch and thus offer enough space for everything you need in everyday life.

But there are also baggy bags with handles. You can now wear them either as a crossbody bag or just over one shoulder and are perfect for everyday use.

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And when it comes to colors and prints, everything is included. Bags in classic black (e.g. those from Mango *), beige or brown look super elegant, but it is more striking with bright colors (like this bag from NA-KD *) and leo or checked patterns.

These are the most beautiful slouchy bags from the online shops:

This is how fashion professionals prefer to combine their slouchy bag

The great thing about the trend bags? They just go with everything. Wear it with a chic two-piece in the office, with an elegant dress in the evening or with jeans and sneakers in everyday life. And the bags even look extremely stylish with a stylish jogger.

For the relaxed everyday look, we do it like the street style girls and prefer to combine the trend piece with mom jeans, oversize shirt, trench coat and sneakers. Hoodie and biker boots also look great with crumpled pockets. If your look is quite simple, you are welcome to grab the colored eye-catcher bag.

Do you like it more elegant? Then a slouchy bag in classic black in the form of a clutch is perfect. A timeless beige or brown goes well with chic occasions. Combines the bag, for example, with a power suit plus high heels, with artificial leather pants and turtleneck sweater or with an exciting slip dress.

Tip: Anyone who travels a lot and needs to have their hands free should use a bag with a shoulder strap or handle. They are definitely more practical than clutches, which are usually held in the hand or tucked under the arm.

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