This set ensures perfect eyelashes

Are you dissatisfied with your eyelashes? We’ll tell you how you can do an eyelash lift independently at home and ensure the perfect lash flap.

Fake Lashes, Lash Extensions and Co .: What have we tried out when it comes to our eyelashes! Nonetheless, after we have removed our make-up, our own lashes are always left behind.

Before we tweak our eyelids every day with the eyelash curler, we’d rather go for an eyelash lift. It’s just stupid that it will eventually cost money and that beauty salons are currently closed. But did you know that you can now lift your eyelashes yourself at home?

With the eyelash lifting set from Amalia Cosmetics you can do a professional eyelash lift at home, the results of which last for up to eight weeks. Sound like a good deal? We’ll tell you how it’s done and where you can now shop the DIY eyelash lifting set for less.

Perfectly curved lashes in less than an hour

We love cosmetic studios and the great beauty treatments. Unfortunately, we usually cannot afford to visit them regularly. Therefore we are grateful for any alternative that we can do at home.

So also this eyelash lift: Simply do one of the most popular beauty treatments yourself? This is possible and the perfect alternative, as the cosmetic studios currently have to remain closed. Thanks to the precise instructions, the complete package from Amalia Cosmetics enables you to lift your eyelashes, even if you have no experience with such treatments.

Even as an amateur you can achieve professional results with it – in other words, eyelashes that have an impressive curl for up to eight weeks.

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Eyelash lifting set from Amalia Cosmetics: the deal at a glance

  • Result lasts up to eight weeks
  • Sufficient for up to 10 applications
  • Curved eyelashes for up to 20 months in total
  • Only 34.95 euros instead of 39.99 euros

You can get the eyelash lifting set from Amalia Cosmetics for only 34.95 euros. *

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Lifting eyelashes at home: this is how it works

DIY eyelash lifting is not that straightforward, but with the step-by-step guide you can do it right away.

First you clean the area around your eyes and attach an eye pad to the lower lid. Then fix the lash pad with a little glue on your upper lid. In the next step, you coat the upper side of the pillow with glue and attach your eyelashes to it.

Now you put the perm lotion on your eyelashes, which will give them the impressive curl, and cover them with cling film. After a short waiting time, a second round of fixation lotion follows, which you also leave under cling film. Then all you have to do is clean, gently remove the lash pads and apply nourishing lotion. The lifting is done!

You can choose between several curvature strengths that determine how strong the curve of your eyelashes is at the end. Bet you’ll enjoy the result every day for at least eight weeks? Maybe you don’t even need mascara anymore!

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